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The Ultimate Guide to a career in Medical Transcription

A career in medical transcription is often very flexible and rewarding. As a medical transcriptionist (MT), you can generally work from home and choose your own hours. Although, when looking for a career as an MT, there's not a [...]

The Ultimate Guide to becoming a Practice Manager

A career in practice management is an exciting opportunity with a wide range of responsibilities. As a Practice Manager (PM), you are the leader of your team and manage the day-to-day operations of your practice. When looking for a [...]

Medical Receptionist Jobs are on the rise!

Medical receptionist jobs are on the rise! In fact, healthcare facilities are currently facing a shortage of trained medical receptionists. Not only are they the are the face of the company, but they are important [...]

What is a Project Coordinator?

A project coordinator is responsible for tracking and recording the progress of a project, as well as developing project strategies and dispersing key information to all stakeholders. Therefore, multitasking is an important skill for [...]

How to earn money online!

With working from home becoming a global trend, there has been an increase of opportunities to earn money online. In fact, one of the best things about the internet and technology these days is [...]

Part Time Work Ideas!

Part time work is a great way to have a fulfilling work life, while still having time to pursue other things. In fact, more people are learning that the amount of hours you work, doesn't [...]

The Best Jobs From Home in Australia

Jobs from home allow you to earn an income without having to leave the house. The only commute you have is from your bed to your laptop! In fact, there are jobs from home [...]

What is Voice Recognition?

Here at TalentMed, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is 'what is voice recognition?' Medical transcription is an evolving career that has seen a lot of change over the past few [...]

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Quiz: Which Career Path is Right for Me?

Deciding on your potential career path is one of life's toughest decisions. Choosing the right career can bring you happiness and success, whereas the wrong choice may result in years of heartache. With so many [...]

Cost Savings Calculator

Everything in life has a price, even work itself. Simple things like commuting to and from work, a cup of coffee and daily lunch can all add up. The decision to work from home [...]

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