TalentMed is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that is managed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). The training programs offered by TalentMed meet the strict guidelines set out by State and Federal Governments and their training bodies. TalentMed (RTO ID 22151) is approved to deliver the following qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework:


10795NAT – Diploma of Healthcare Documentation

HLT57715 – Diploma of Practice Management

The above qualification(s) are nationally recognised whereby employers and other registered training organisations across Australia will automatically recognise this training delivered by TalentMed.

In addition, the Diploma of Healthcare Documentation is listed under the Health Information Management Association of Australia’s (HIMAA) Approved Program list.

HIMAA sets standards for how quality health information is managed and maintained within the Australian healthcare system. TalentMed is currently the only registered training provider in Australia delivering medical transcription training under HIMAA’s Approved Program status.

Graduates of TalentMed’s Diploma of Healthcare Documentation are also eligible to register as HIMAA Senior Associate members and receive status points towards HIMAA’s Professional Credentialing scheme. Earning points is an indication to employers of a commitment to the quality and continuous improvement of the health information industry.

Please click here to view TalentMed’s latest registration audit information. TalentMed’s registration was renewed by ASQA on 1 December 2018 for a further 7 years. TalentMed ensures at all times that it complies with all the requirements of the VET Quality Framework, including the Standards for RTOs 2015.

Please click here to view TalentMed’s most recent summary of Quality Indicator data. The students surveyed for these indicators were selected by TalentMed in accordance with national guidelines.

TalentMed complies with the VET Quality Framework for Continuing Registration.

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