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8 Jobs In The Healthcare Industry That Are Booming In 2021

The healthcare industry is booming in Australia, with most jobs set to experience an increase in demand! It currently employs 1.6 million Australians, being over 13% of the Australian workforce!

One major driver for this is the increase in our ageing population. With Australians living longer, this means they are accessing more community healthcare services than ever before. Therefore, more jobs are being created to fill this demand.

In addition, out of all of the industries, jobs in the healthcare industry place the greatest emphasis on having a work-life balance. Therefore, they have increased flexibility if you need to work around other demands in your life.

Proportion of employed people by industry

With healthcare being the number 1 industry for new jobs in Australia, your options are endless with the variety of healthcare jobs out there!

Find out what jobs are currently booming in the healthcare industry below:

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