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10 Jobs for Work From Home Mums

Work from home mums are forming the growing phenomenon of the ‘mumtrepreneur’. In fact, more and more mums are running their own business part-time – finding their hidden creative, digital and financial talents.

Balancing a career and motherhood is one of the biggest juggling acts. Therefore, the flexibility of working from home can be very appealing, as it allows you to tailor your hours to work around everything from the school run, to family, social and other commitments. However, when considering to become a work from home mum, you will need to look into self-employment, or working for an employer who encourages you to work from home.

After all, what would be better than working from the comfort of your own home whilst still being there for your children?

We have explored the Top 10 jobs for work from home mums below:

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