Diploma of
Healthcare Documentation

10478NAT – Diploma of Healthcare Documentation

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10478NAT Diploma of Healthcare Documentation

Medical transcription is primarily an online occupation, giving you a real opportunity to have a professional career from the comfort of your own home. A Medical Transcriptionist is responsible for the conversion of doctor-patient interactions into written documents that form part of the patient’s medical record. With most healthcare providers now outsourcing these services, there’s never been a higher demand for well-trained medical transcription professionals.

Choose TalentMed for the quality education and industry expertise you need to succeed in Medical Transcription.

Everything you need to succeed

TalentMed is committed to providing you with high quality and affordable training solutions. This nationally accredited course in medical transcription is designed to help make you work-ready with everything you need to succeed including –

  • Personal support from qualified trainers and our technical support team
  • Delivered entirely online through a fun and interactive learning portal
  • 12 months access to expert-created curriculum
  • 12 months access to TalentHub (your virtual campus)
  • Access to hundreds of authentic transcription reports in 32+ medical specialities
  • Excellent job placement assistance to help turn your education into a dream career
  • 3-month free subscription to award-winning Keyboard automation software
Ann-Marie Spouge
Ann-Marie SpougeTalentMed Trainer

Everything you need to succeed is included in your tuition fees. For more information regarding our fees and charges, please check out the Tuition tab.

Expert-Created Curriculum

TalentMed’s nationally accredited training package includes both healthcare theory and real-world medical transcription training. This expert-designed curriculum will best prepare you for a smooth and successful transition to the medical transcription workforce as soon as you graduate.

  • Flexible online learning
  • Nationally recognised training
  • Industry approved curriculum
  • Theory and practicum sections
  • Personal student support
  • Resources included
Unit CodeUnit TitleNominal Hours
HCDTER501AApply advanced knowledge of healthcare terminology200
HCDPRE502APrepare to transcribe and edit healthcare documentation100
HCDTED503ATranscribe and edit complex healthcare documentation450
HCDEPP504AMaintain and enhance professional practice in healthcare documentation80
FSKWTG10Write complex workplace texts20

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Social Learning

TalentHub provides you with a secure and interactive learning environment that allows you to access a wealth of learning resources. Log in anywhere and anytime to access your learning resources.

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Flexible Tuition Options

TalentMed offers flexible and affordable payment options which allow you to choose how and when you would like to pay for your course. With most diplomas priced between $10,000-$15,000, TalentMed’s quality diploma level qualifications rank among Australia’s most affordable.

Payment Upfront

Payment Upfront*
  • Enrol and save when paying upfront
  • Lowest overall tuition fee
  • Resources included
  • Nationally recognised training, personal one-on-one support and job placement assistance included.

Student Loan

Study Loans Australia*
  • Choose to borrow all or part of your tuition fees
  • Fortnightly or monthly repayments
  • Flexible terms of up to 4 years
  • Drawdowns are released in instalments as you progress through your course.

Prefer to pay by invoice?

Email ask@talentmed.edu.au and we’ll send you a tax invoice with remittance advice.

* Prices listed are for single Diploma courses only. Job placement assistance provided upon course graduation. Total cost of TalentMed’s single diploma courses is $5400 (unless paying in full at the time of enrolment). For more information about Study Loans please click here and to view a full list of fees and charges, please access the Statement of Tuition Fees listed below.

Reviews and Testimonials

Based on 24 reviews
Based on 4 reviews
Frances McCowan
Frances McCowan
00:58 22 Apr 19
This has been an amazing online course. I am addicted to studying and upskilling , and to me this course is very clear and easy to follow.My aim is to transition to retirement without giving up work totally, I searched for a year for something I could do from home and have now found it! Thank you for you supporting my study in becoming a Medical Transcriptionist, I can't wait to graduate.Frances Stancombe McCowan
Karen Long
Karen Long
07:19 11 Apr 19
I have just recently graduated, the support from the trainers was excellent. The course work was manageable around my home and work life. Even though I do not have a medical background I found that the course layout was not complicated but at times it did feel like I was doing a medical degree. On completion of the course I was put in touch with NTS and am now doing a two week trial, the process was easy.
Jane Clare
Jane Clare
03:49 31 Jan 19
This course has been perfect for me as I have an insatiable love of learning, and in this field the learning never stops! It is well-structured, with an incredible level of student support (special thanks to Anne-Marie and Raisa for this) and plenty of hands-on practical transcription experience. Looking forward to working in this field!
Belinda Clare
Belinda Clare
03:43 31 Jan 19
This course has been perfect for me as I have an insatiable love of learning, and in this field the learning never stops! It is well-structured, with an incredible level of student support (special thanks to Anne-Marie and Raisa for this) and plenty of hands-on practical transcription experience. Looking forward to working in this field!
Jodi Smith
Jodi Smith
10:23 25 Jan 19
I have just finished my diploma. While at times it was frustrating it has been the best experience and journey. I received the best support from Ann Marie and the team who were constantly encouraging and supportive. I’m now waiting to gain some employment in the field :)
Lalit Oberoi
Lalit Oberoi
06:42 19 Jan 19
I have just finished my Diploma of Healthcare Documentation with TalentMed and I must say the learning process was gradual and smooth. The course structure is excellent and has all the necessary elements needed to be a successful Medical Transcriptionist. The support from the staff and the TalentMed team was exceptional. I would recommend this course for anyone who is thinking to get into this industry of Medical transcription. The course starts from the scratch and takes you through the intricate level of medical terminologies, pharmaceutical and other related areas and surprisingly keeping it interesting. Thanks TalentMed team for your support.
Danielle Murgida
Danielle Murgida
10:31 17 Jan 19
I finished my course with TalentMed in Nov of last year and found it to be an extremely rewarding experience giving me the foundation I need to pursue a career as a Medical Transcriptionist. The team at TalentMed were amazing to deal with right from the very first phone call I ever made to the last one upon completion of the course. I was then referred to a well known transcription company and I now have secured a position and am employed in this field. This was a worthwhile investment of time and money for me as now I am reaping the rewards. Thank you TalentMed.
Jennifer Chappell
Jennifer Chappell
06:15 16 Jan 19
I have just graduated from the TalentMed course and I have had the privilege of having the best trainers/mentors I have ever come across in any educational setting. Nothing is too much trouble for them, be it queries, IT, questions about the course and even if you have personal problems. I could not recommend them and the course enough. I am just sorry I have finished and don’t have their support anymore.
Vilma Stephen
Vilma Stephen
09:33 18 Oct 18
I have just graduated as a Medical Transcriptionist and I really appreciate the support and encouragement Anne Marie and the whole TalentMed team gave me along the way. Even at times when I thought it was impossible, I got the best backup ever. I really enjoyed studying for the Diploma and I would recommend to anyone who is interested, as the TalendMed team is understanding, friendly and patient at all times, and you could call them and they are ready to help anytime. They even help out in finding job placements on completion of the course.All the best, TalentMed!
Kelli Bushell
Kelli Bushell
00:32 12 Oct 18
I am getting closer to completing the course. Very challenging, but also rewarding. The Student Support and Anne-Marie have been most helpful and supportive throughout the course. Onwards and upwards from here.
Jenny Chappell
Jenny Chappell
07:01 11 Oct 18
I have nearly finished my course with TalentMed. I cannot praise them highly enough, especially the trainers. They are extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the course and they are willing to impart their knowledge to the trainees. They are empathetic with all manner of personal trials and I have enjoyed my journey of learning with them.
Lou Sheedy
Lou Sheedy
22:19 06 Feb 18
I finished this course just before Christmas. Due to health reasons, I needed to find another job, (previously I had my own cleaning business), and being able to have a job that I can work from home would be perfect. I have always had an interest in the medical field, and this would be perfect. I loved the course, I did find it quite challenging at times, sometimes I even thought of giving up, but I didn't and now here I am, a Qualified Medical Transcriptionist :-) The support from Talentmed was great! I am so glad I did this :-)
Kathryn OBrien
Kathryn OBrien
11:57 09 Jan 18
A very challenging course but I love a challenge! I worked full time and finished the course with a good score. It was not easy but it was worth it as this is a field which I am very interested in and I love the way it has expanded my mind and pushed me to do my very best.
Esther Thorp
Esther Thorp
02:47 20 Dec 17
I have just completed my training with TalentMed and I just had to let you all know how wonderful it was! From the easy to navigate interface, the incredible in-depth training I received to the fantastic support from the trainers - I have to say a big THANK YOU to them! I definitely recommend studying with TalentMed. You won't regret it!
Rose Stewart
Rose Stewart
21:31 26 Oct 17
I have finally graduated my course with Talentmed, I enjoyed the course, especially the practise transcriptions, I am 55 and I am searching for a new career, I have always been interested in transcription, I am grateful to Talentmed for all their help in getting me through this course, it is frustrating at times but worthwhile, I worked hard with the factory job I have now and study, I would like to work for a company as well as freelance, I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to do this as a career
Maria Aloneftis
Maria Aloneftis
23:49 25 Jul 17
I have a special interest in medicine and come from a Greek background. Therefore I can understand how medical terminology is structured. I qualified in stenography where speed and accuracy is paramount. My journey so far with TalentMed has been memorable. I have been challenged and tested by the course content and assisted by TalentMed trainers every step of the way. Their experience and knowledge is priceless. The main reason I had to embark on this learning journey was that I can work from home once I have qualified. I am eager to learn and attain my diploma in such a specialised and skilled field as a Medical Transcriptionist. Maria Aloneftis
12:19 27 Oct 16
I started the course with some trepidation and anxiety. Now, five weeks in, I am really enjoying the experience and look forward to learning and gaining confidence in my abilities.
Tonya Walker
Tonya Walker
21:50 14 Oct 16
So far, it has been a great course for me, and something I have always wanted to do. I am so glad that I am able to do it and gain experience and knowledge. I couldn't be happier.
dee vine
dee vine
09:20 12 Oct 16
Great. Am currently studying but would recommend to people wanting to work from home.
Carly Ellicott
Carly Ellicott
04:38 15 Dec 15
I'm loving the course so far, it is so well written and easy to follow, even though the medical jargon seems to get harder, I am definitely keeping up and learning! I recommend anyone planning on starting the course to make sure you can schedule study time into your week and stick to it. Although in the advertising they say it can be done in 4 - 6 months, I am finding that unless you have 5 to 6 hours each day to study hard it will take longer. Which is fine, but definitely something to keep in mind when signing up! I have been assured by a rep from a company hiring graduates that there is no shortage of work in this field, now and into the future. Look into it all, call TalentMed with any and all questions, call a few companies who employ MT's and ask even more questions! Then take the plunge and learn all about fascinating medical field!
Leah Gray
Leah Gray
11:16 11 Dec 15
TalentMed has been nothing but exceptional, professional, and extremely helpful in providing me with the qualification to launch my Medical Transcription career. While my initial feelings of entering the study life again were that of uncertainty, TalentMed provided me with unbelievable amounts of support and resources to ease my hesitancy. I was not only guided from start to finish of my course, but the staff at TalentMed went on to help me secure a position in the industry. TalentMed ensures the student receives great value for money as well as a high standard results from all the hard work invested. I am hugely thankful for choosing to study with TalentMed.
David Kingston
David Kingston
04:32 10 Dec 15
TalentMed has an excellent online experience, very easy to follow and learn which makes completing the course an absolute breeze. The course is very thorough and has great features built in to help you with the quality of your study. They also provide real-work documentations for plenty of practice before you enter the workplace. I would highly recommend anyone interested in doing medical transcription to complete the Diploma of Healthcare Documentation that Talentmed provides you will be extremely satisfied and greatful that you did!!!
Jessica Cochran
Jessica Cochran
04:07 10 Dec 15
I was devestated when I had to stop my work as a nurse due to illness and disability, and thought I may never be able to work or study ever again. Now through TalentMed not only do I get to work in my field of passion, but I can work from home or even hospital. The staff at TalentMed have been incredibly understanding and helpful and I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you TalentMed.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can enrol in this course online at anytime, 365 days a year. Alternatively, please call 1300 737 781. Once enrolled, you can access TalentHub (your virtual campus) immediately where you can view and participate in student forums, publications and resources. Your course login details will be issued within 1-2 business days.
The TalentMed course is delivered online, so you can progress through your studies at a time and place that best suits you. We recommend that you study approximately 15 hours/week to complete the course within the 12-month intended time-frame.
At TalentMed, we’re with you every step of the way with support resources that include:
  • Qualified Trainers and Assessors with decades of experience in the Healthcare industry. These trainers have professional experience in both vocational education and healthcare documentation, making them uniquely qualified to answer questions about both the curriculum and the industry.
  • Student Support Advisers who provide valuable information and assistance with any issues during your coursework. The course may be delivered online, but you’re never in it alone!
  • Technical Support Advisers who are knowledgeable, experienced, and available five days a week to help you work through any technical or computer issues encountered within the course.
  • Graduate Advisers who help you develop your career plans in an individual consultation and assist you in your job search after you graduate. Our Graduate Advisers offer training, tips, and personalised advice on your job hunt.
TalentMed provides Job Placement Assistance for all graduates of this course at no additional charge. This is an outcome that we pride ourselves on, as the majority of our graduates have successfully been placed in satisfying work positions. TalentMed will assist you every step of the way including training, tips, and personalised advice on your interview skills, resume, and job hunt. Please note: as a registered training provider, TalentMed cannot guarantee any work for graduates as it is not an employer or recruitment agency. However, we do provide Job Placement Assistance upon course completion and graduates do have a high success rate in gaining work.
A Medical Transcriptionist plays an integral role in the Australian Healthcare Documentation System. They are primarily responsible for the conversion of a doctor’s dictation in to an electronic format that becomes part of the patient’s medical record. As our population expands and ages – the demand for medical transcription services increase. For more information about the demand for Medical Transcription, please click here.
TalentMed offers a Dual Diploma of Healthcare Documentation and Practice Management, that provides you with the qualification of a Medical Transcriptionist and a Practice Manager, under one training package.

The Dual Diploma of Healthcare Documentation and Practice Management includes five electives from TalentMed’s nationally accredited Diploma of Healthcare Documentation, and combines them with the industry-endorsed curriculum of the Diploma of Practice Management.

The Dual Diploma of Healthcare Documentation and Practice Management has been designed to meet the growing demand of the Australian healthcare sector, and to help you acquire multiple skills as a healthcare professional, as you transition into the competitive workforce after completing the course.

TalentMed’s Diploma of Healthcare Documentation is nationally recognised and listed under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Being the number one RTO in medical transcription, TalentMed is the first place that top companies look to recruit. A TalentMed education gives employers confidence that you have the practical experience and industry skills to easily transition to the medical transcription workplace. Because of this, TalentMed graduates have a high success rate in finding work soon after completing the course.

TalentMed’s Diploma of Healthcare Documentation is formally approved by the Health Information Management Association of Australia (HIMAA). In addition, TalentMed graduates are eligible to apply for Senior Associate Membership and receive status points under HIMAA’s Professional Credentialing Scheme.

HIMAA is the premier professional body for health information management in Australia and has been serving the professional healthcare industry since 1949.

Minimum academic entry requirements

To be assessed as academically suited for this course, you must provide either:

  • a copy of your Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (year 12 Certificate), or
  • evidence of successful completion of an Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Certificate IV or higher qualification (where the language of instruction is English).

If you do not have an Australian year 12 Certificate or have not successfully completed an AQF Certificate IV or higher qualification, we will send you login details to complete a quick Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) pre-assessment to confirm your suitability for the course. Students must demonstrate Exit Level 3 (or higher) competency in both reading and numeracy.

Minimum online learning competency

This course is delivered online. As such, entry to the course requires you to be proficient with operating a personal computer. You will be specifically asked about your online learning competency as part of your pre-training review to evaluate your suitability for the course.

Minimum age

Minimum age of 16 years. If you are under 18 your enrolment form must be signed by a parent or guardian.

English language requirements

This course requires you to read, write and understand the english language. As such, entry to the course requires English proficiency at a year 10 level or equivalency such as a NRT qualification at the Certificate II level or higher, or two years industry experience in a role that requires the use of both written and verbal communication.

Alignment with personal and/or professional needs

Applicants must also be able to demonstrate that their course of interest aligns to their personal or professional needs.

Government funding

Applicants seeking enrolment under any Government funding contract will be assessed against the requirements set out in the relevant funding contract and guidelines to ensure they are eligible for the enrolment under the Government funding.

Students with disabilities

Medical Transcription often provides a unique and fulfilling career for individuals with disabilities. Please contact us on 1300 737 781 to find out more about ways that we can assist you.

As per normal VET assessment procedures, especially with regard to pre-training assessments, the assessment should only be initially administered once. In order for the learner and TalentMed to implement any targeted LLN support and to have sufficient time for the learner to improve their LLN skills to the required level, a minimum period of no less than three months is required between undertaking further assessments using the approved tool. It may take longer than this, but at least three months should provide enough time for progress to be made and improvement to be able to be demonstrated.

TalentMed believes that this is not about ‘passing the test’, as can be the practice in some situations, and re-sitting the test a number of times until the learner eventually passes. This is not the purpose of undertaking this assessment for course suitability purposes. The purpose of the LLN test is to assess whether the learner has sufficient skills to potentially succeed in undertaking a Diploma level qualification or higher. Allowing learners to keep re-sitting until they pass would not be a fair or valid process. It is TalentMed’s goal to provide targeted LLN support and to allow the learner to have sufficient time to improve their LLN skills to the required level.

At the end of the day, this requirement is aimed at protecting your learning needs and ensuring the course is suitable for your success.

Yes. Please view our current Student Refund Policy and Procedure available here.
As the course is delivered online, all you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a passion to learn about the medical transcription industry! For a full list of specifications, please see below:

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows

  • MacOS

  • Chrome OS


  • Google Chrome (recommended)

  • Firefox

  • Safari

  • Microsoft Edge


  • Earphones/headphones recommended

  • Active internet connection


  • Adobe Flash Player (ver. 10 or higher)

  • Windows Media Player (ver. 10 or higher) or Quicktime Player (ver. 7 or higher)

  • Word Processor such as Microsoft Word,  Google Docs, Mac Pages or Open/Libre Office

  • PDF reader

Most computers do come with these specifications. However, if you’re unsure about any of the requirements, please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 737 781.

Nationally Recognised Training

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