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6 Online Transcription Jobs in the Highest Demand [2020]

Online transcription jobs are the perfect career path to take if you’re looking for flexibility and the option to work from home with the one third of Australians!

This highly specialised field, involves the conversion of an audio file into a written document. In fact, online transcription jobs are across many different industries, therefore, the type of skills and background required will vary between different companies.

The role of a Transcriptionist is to:

  • Listen to the recorded dictation.

  • Transcribe and convert the dictation into the appropriate format.

  • Identify errors and missing information.

  • Submit the document for approval.

We have prepared a list of some of the different categories below, to help you pursue a career in transcription.

What are the different types of Online Transcription Jobs?

Why choose Medical Transcription?

Healthcare is Australia’s largest industry by employment, therefore, the amount of work available continues to grow. Also, as healthcare is a basic need, the work of a Medical Transcriptionist tends to be fairly constant and consistent.

Therefore, out of all of the online transcription jobs out there, working as a Medical Transcriptionist provides you with the most rewarding career. In addition, it allows you to access your work at any time of the day, therefore, you have the flexibility to travel while you work – as long as you have an internet connection and laptop!

What is Medical Transcription?

When we open a letter from a doctor or read a medical report, there is a very high chance that a Medical Transcriptionist has transcribed it. Their role is to listen to an audio of a doctor recording their notes from a patient consultation, and then convert this audio file into a written report.

These reports are then added to the patient’s medical record.

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What are the benefits of working as a Medical Transcriptionist?

There are many benefits to working from home as a Medical Transcriptionist. In fact, it’s one of the most popular online transcription jobs! For example, some of these are:

Where does a Medical Transcriptionist work?

Certainly, Medical Transcriptionists usually work from home as independent contractors, which provides them with the flexibility to choose their own work hours. However, there are some Medical Transcriptionists who prefer to be in an office setting and work at hospitals, medical centres, or clinics.

Therefore, if you’re thinking about pursuing a career in medical transcription, there are two main career pathways:

Is there career progression for a Medical Transcriptionist?

A career as a Medical Transcriptionist is one of those online transcription jobs which provides you with the opportunity for career development. For example, these career pathways include:

What is the training to become a Medical Transcriptionist?

TalentMed’s nationally recognised Diploma of Healthcare Documentation is designed to not only help provide you with the essential skills of the industry, but, the knowledge needed to get a job and excel in this increasingly popular field.

Most noteworthy, this is currently the first and only nationally recognised course in Australia that provides both medical transcription and editing training. Also, qualified trainers are available from the moment you start the course, all the way through until you complete your course.

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This this an Online Transcription Job that’s easy to find work?

There are many career choices for our graduates and TalentMed helps you the entire way in this process. Even more so, once you complete the course, your Graduate Support Team will provide you with extensive job placement assistance.

Through our network of associated public and private hospitals, medical clinics and transcription agencies we are able to assist you in finding a suitable position upon graduation. As a result, we have been able to place 97.1% of our graduates into working positions!

Job Placement Assistance Success Rate

Overall, there is a very high demand for qualified Medical Transcriptionists, and we consistently receive large requests for TalentMed graduates from employers nationwide. For example, these include:

What is the best way to get started with Online Transcription Jobs?

The best way to get started is to squire the necessary skills and knowledge of a professional transcriptionist. Here at TalentMed, we assist you every step of the way to pursue your dream of working from home. Our nationally recognised Diploma of Healthcare Documentation will qualify you as a professional medical transcriptionist. In addition, we include job placement assistance (with a 97.1% success rate) once you finish the course.

As a result, not only would you be able to have more time to enjoy doing the things you love, but above all, you can work while staying home to be with your family.

For more information on becoming a Medical Transcriptionist, check out our  Ultimate Guide and training involved.Also, you can register for a free consultation with one of our Career Advisers below!

Let us know why you’re considering a career in transcription in our comments section below!

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