TalentMed Scholarship Program

TalentMed Scholarship Program

TalentMed’s scholarship program is aimed at assisting disadvantaged individuals gain the essential skills they need to achieve their professional goals. At TalentMed, we understand that certain circumstances can sometimes prohibit your ability to pursue your career ambitions. We speak with lots of prospective students who would love to do our courses and pursue a new career, but simply cannot afford to do so. That’s why, we’ve developed TalentMed’s Scholarship Program to provide financial assistance to eligible individuals.

How do I apply?

Successful applicants will receive a $1,500 scholarship towards their upfront tuition fees.


  • Do you meet TalentMed’s eligibility and award criteria?

  • Are you genuinely interested in pursuing a career in Medical Transcription or Practice Management?

  • Are you ready to begin your training if approved for a scholarship?

  • Are you able to maintain an active enrolment throughout the course of your studies?

  • Scholarship numbers are limited and subject to availability. Applications will be processed in the order they are received.
TalentMed Scholarship Program

Simply download the application form and apply online at any time by clicking the “Apply Now” button listed below. Students must first read the Terms and Conditions listed on this webpage prior to applying. Scholarship applications are then assessed by TalentMed’s Scholarship Program team and an outcome will be sent to you via email within 10 business days. If your application is approved, you will also receive unique enrolment invoice containing a $1,500 scholarship towards the full cost of the course. The scholarship grant cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Once you have downloaded and completed your application form, please submit it via the Apply Now button on this webpage. Once it has been received, TalentMed will process and review your application according to the eligibility and award criteria specified in the terms and conditions section.  Applications will be processed in the order they are received and an outcome will be sent to you via email within 10 business days. Please ensure that you only submit your application when you are ready to commence your training.

No. Students must pay the remainder of their tuition fees via an upfront payment. Please ensure you are in a financial position to pay the remainder of your tuition fees within 14 days if your application is successful.

You can still enrol in a course with TalentMed. Applicants who do not meet the eligibility criteria or are unsuccessful in their application, may enrol online or over the phone at the fee-for-service tuition fee.

No. You can only apply for a TalentMed Scholarship on one occasion. Please ensure that you are ready to commence your training and pay the remainder of your tuition fees if your application is successful.

Please ensure you read through the Terms and Conditions listed on this webpage prior to applying. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact one of our Career Advisers on 1300 737 781.

This section outlines the Terms and Conditions specified under TalentMed’s Scholarship Program. You must read these Terms and Conditions in their entirety before you apply for a TalentMed scholarship. When you accept your scholarship offer, you are agreeing to and accepting these Terms and Conditions and any other requirements and conditions of your enrolment listed on TalentMed’s website, outlined in your scholarship offer or subsequent scholarship agreement.

Scholarships are awarded based on the award criteria listed below. All applicants must also meet TalentMed’s Selection and Enrolment criteria including general entry requirements.

Eligibility and Award Criteria

Financial need

To be eligible under this category, you must be either:

  • receiving a current Centrelink payment and/or benefit such as having a current Low Income Health Care Card, or
  • experiencing exceptional financial disadvantage but not receiving any Centrelink payments or benefits.

Indigenous Australian

For applicants who identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Difficult circumstances

This category applies if you have experienced difficult circumstances that have affected your ability to work or study. This may include:

  • carer responsibilities (e.g. ill children, parent, siblings)
  • chronic medical condition of a dependent child
  • death of a spouse/parent/guardian/close relative
  • homelessness
  • major illness of spouse/parent/guardian/close relative
  • multiple relocations/moving house
  • natural disaster (e.g. bushfire, flood)
  • abusive family environment
  • relationship breakdown with significant other
  • victim of crime.

Regional and remote areas

This category applies if you live in a regional and remote area of Australia as determined by the Australian Standard Geographical Classification Remoteness Areas Locator. For this category, you must be living in an area classified as RA2, RA3, RA4 or RA5 (2016).

Disability or long-term medical condition

This category applies if you have a disability or medical condition that has affected your ability to work or study. This may include disability impairments, chronic pain, major illness, drug addiction, learning disabilities and mental illness.

You will be notified of the outcome of your application in writing within 10 business days. If successful, you will be provided a Scholarship offer along with a unique enrolment invoice including the value of $1,500 AUD towards the full cost of the course. You will then have 14 days to pay for the remainder of your tuition fees and enrol in the course. If you do not pay your scholarship enrolment invoice within 14 days, the offer will expire.

Please note: Scholarship numbers are subject to availability and awarded at the sole discretion of TalentMed’s Scholarship Program team.

All scholarships are awarded on the basis that you will maintain an active and enrolled status in your course of study. Your scholarship may be terminated if you do not adhere to TalentMed’s academic and administrative policies.

Grounds for scholarship termination

  • discontinued from your course or have inactive enrolment
  • failed to maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • been suspended or withdrawn for misconduct under TalentMed’s Student Code of Conduct.

Consequence of termination –

If your scholarship is terminated, you may be required to repay some or all of your scholarship. As such, you will be required to repay your scholarship within four weeks of receiving notice from TalentMed.

You may lodge complaints about academic and or administrative matters under the Student Complaints and Grievance Policy available via this website.

TalentMed is bound by its Privacy statement available here.