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6 Career options for a Nurse Practitioner!

A nurse practitioner is a very fulfilling and valued role in our healthcare industry. It takes a special person to be a nurse practitioner and carry out this highly specialised role.

There are many benefits of being a nurse practitioner, including:

  • You play an important role in the lives of others
  • You can specialise in an area
  • Every day is different, bringing variety to your role
  • There is strong personal satisfaction
  • High job flexibility.

However, you may feel it’s time for a change from your nursing career. Therefore, if you are a nurse practitioner who is looking for a career change, there are a lot of career pathways to lead into from this role, especially if you want to remain in the healthcare industry. This is because healthcare is Australia’s number 1 industry for new jobs! In fact, the healthcare industry alone employs about 13 percent of our workforce.

With the variety of jobs out there, your options are endless as a nurse practitioner!

We have our top 6 career opportunities for a nurse practitioner below!

How do I get started?

At TalentMed, we know medical transcription is a popular career path for a nurse practitioner. In fact, a career as a medical transcriptionist allows you to work from the comfort of your own home and choose your own hours!

With your experience and knowledge as a nurse practitioner, you can progress through your studies much faster! Therefore, our Diploma of Healthcare Documentation, Diploma of Practice Management and Dual Diploma of Practice Management and Healthcare Documentation are all designed to help provide you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to get a job and excel in these rewarding fields. Also, we have qualified trainers available from the moment you start the course, all the way through until you complete your course!

If you would like more information on how you can start your career as a medical transcriptionist, practice manager, or both, you can register for a free information pack below!

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Sarah-Louise Slade
Sarah-Louise is a Career Adviser with over 5 years experience in Vocational Education and Training. Having completed a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resource Management, Sarah-Louise understands the importance of having a quality education. Feel free to comment and ask questions below.

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