Mother with chronic illness finds employment as a Medical Transcriptionist

When Bendigo based mother Rachelle Anderson realised that her illness was standing in the way of her employment options, she turned to TalentMed to develop a flexible career from her home. Rachelle is a perfect example of how the limitations of a chronic illness can still allow for a flexible career from home.

As her illness progressed during her course, Rachelle fell back on the support of her Trainers and Student Support team. This was particularly important when she needed to recover from surgery halfway through her studies.

Building on the foundations

With her background in administration, Rachelle was a keen typist. She also had a broad range of computer experience that she could draw on at times.

I really enjoyed the challenge of doing the actual reports and learning the medical terminology, and although it was challenging I find it to be so interesting.

Something to prove

From the beginning, Rachelle wanted to show that this was something she could do. As a mother with a young child, Rachelle faced limited job prospects because of her regional setting.  Rachelle hoped to increase her employment prospects and income whilst lifting her self-worth and contributing to society. It’s with great pride that Rachelle realises that she achieved these goals and also learnt more about herself.

On a personal level, I realised that I can achieve big things when I focus on achieving that goal, and to be able to look at mistakes as a learning experience not a reflection on what I don’t know.

How to find employment with a chronic illness

Rachelle was incredibly proud after receiving her phone call from her Trainer to advise her successful completion. Since graduating with honours, Rachelle landed a job at one of Australia’s leading Medical Transcription Service Organisations.

I have actually gained employment and am really enjoying putting my knowledge to practice.

Rachelle’s success as a medical transcriptionist is an inspiration to her community and her child. Rachelle took the limitations of her chronic illness and regional residence and found an opportunity to work online from home.

Getting started as a Medical Transcriptionist

If you’re also inspired by Rachelle’s story, working towards a new work-from-home career is easy. TalentMed’s Diploma of Healthcare Documentation could have you qualified as a Medical Transcriptionist with the option for flexible hours to suit your lifestyle.  For more information on the career opportunities in Medical Transcription, please visit or contact our friendly Career Advisers on 03 9937 1599.

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