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5 Tips on how to reduce Childcare Fees!

Many Australian families have started to realise that childcare fees are taking a toll on their finances! In fact, a recent study shows that all day childcare can cost up to $192 a day. However, some good news is that there are ways you can reduce these childcare costs.

For example, some of the childcare fees that you may currently be incurring are:

  • Petrol or public transport to and from childcare
  • Fees if you’re late to pick up your child
  • Excursion fees
  • Some childcare services still require you to pay on public holidays.

In addition, a recent survey suggests that parents are spending twice as much on childcare, as they do on food. In addition, almost 40 per cent of families are paying more than, or equal, to their mortgage in childcare payments each week.

To help you find a way to save on childcare fees, we have our top 5 tips below!

How can I start working from home to reduce my childcare fees?

The option of working from home provides you with the flexibility of looking after your children, while still earning an income. Therefore, minimising your childcare fees. Creating a schedule and allocating time for your family, helps with your work time being more productive when working from home.

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