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5 Management Jobs that will make you want to change careers!

Management jobs are very fulfilling and valued across multiple industries! In fact, managers play a vital role in every company, as they assist with decision making, setting company objectives and selecting people to accomplish tasks required to meet these objectives. In addition, there are many qualities that a company looks for in a manager, [...]

6 Career options for a Nurse Practitioner!

A nurse practitioner is a very fulfilling and valued role in our healthcare industry. It takes a special person to be a nurse practitioner and carry out this highly specialised role. There are many benefits of being a nurse practitioner, including: You play an important role in the lives of others You can specialise in an [...]

5 Medical Practice Jobs that will make you want to change career!

Australia's healthcare industry is growing every year, however, this expansion has resulted in an influx of medical practice jobs being created! Therefore, you don't just have to be a doctor or nurse to work in a medical practice. There are so many jobs out there, from administration to practice management! In fact, a career [...]

What is a Project Coordinator?

A project coordinator is responsible for tracking and recording the progress of a project, as well as developing project strategies and dispersing key information to all stakeholders. Therefore, multitasking is an important skill for a project coordinator. This is a field with a lot of growth! According to the Department of Employment there are [...]

Top 7 Project Management Software Systems!

Project management software systems are used by project managers to assist them with delivering their projects successfully. Therefore, it helps project managers keep their project under budget, in scope, and delivered on time. In addition, project management software is divided into four categories, which are based on how the software is used by the [...]

What is Project Management?

Project management involves planning, coordinating and managing the resources and people of a project. It's a role that is growing in Australia and is required across all industries! As a project manager, you are responsible for delegating tasks to your team, according to their roles. Also, you will need to provide your team with specific goals [...]