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7 Brilliant Benefits of an Online Education!

Online education offers an exciting new experience for many of our students. The ability to engage and learn online has grown over the recent years. In fact, there are many key benefits to online learning! Find out what are top 7 benefits of an online education are below! Firstly, most online learning platforms [...]

Top 5 careers for Transition To Work Recipients!

Transition to work is an employment service aimed at supporting young people aged 15-21 on their journey to employment. As a transition to work recipient, sometimes it can be overwhelming looking for work. There are many jobs across all industries and skill levels, ranging from beginners to experts. However, with the help of your job [...]

4 Important Management Skills to be a successful manager!

Managers are a key part of every business, therefore, it's important that they possess the right management skills! Ultimately, managers are responsible for keeping the day-to-day operations running smoothly, and ensuring employees are able to carry out and perform their jobs. In addition, managers take part in the compliance of occupational health and safety regulations, as [...]

5 Management Jobs that will make you want to change careers!

Management jobs are very fulfilling and valued across multiple industries! In fact, managers play a vital role in every company, as they assist with decision making, setting company objectives and selecting people to accomplish tasks required to meet these objectives. In addition, there are many qualities that a company looks for in a manager, [...]

6 Career options for a Nurse Practitioner!

A nurse practitioner is a very fulfilling and valued role in our healthcare industry. It takes a special person to be a nurse practitioner and carry out this highly specialised role. There are many benefits of being a nurse practitioner, including: You play an important role in the lives of others You can specialise in an [...]