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10 Things Students Look for in a Medical Reception Course [2019 Guide]

When deciding on a medical reception course, there are many things you need to consider, as there are so many different courses out there! However, when you are investing in your career, it's important that you choose a medical reception course that meets your needs and provides you with the best possible outcome. To [...]

Why you should consider Distance Education!

Distance education has expanded over the past five years, as it offers an exciting new experience for many students! With technological advancements and wider internet access, online education options have become an increasingly viable option for learning and career advancement. In addition, distance education provides a lot of convenience for students who would like [...]

7 Brilliant Benefits of an Online Education!

Online education offers an exciting new experience for many of our students. The ability to engage and learn online has grown over the recent years. In fact, there are many key benefits to online learning! Find out what are top 7 benefits of an online education are below! Firstly, most online learning platforms [...]

Medical Receptionist Jobs are on the rise!

Medical receptionist jobs are on the rise! In fact, healthcare facilities are currently facing a shortage of trained medical receptionists. Not only are they the are the face of the company, but they are important in the coordination of the day-to-day operations. In addition, medical receptionists are responsible for scheduling appointments, answering patient enquiries, organising [...]

What is a Ward Clerk?

A ward clerk is responsible for the administrative tasks within a hospital setting. Working in a busy and fast-paced environment requires them to have the ability to multi-task and juggle different tasks at once. However, a career as a ward clerk can be very rewarding, as there are many career development opportunities available! To help you [...]

What is a Medical Secretary?

A medical secretary works in a variety of medical settings, ranging from hospitals to specialty clinics. They play an important role in every healthcare facility. In addition, medical secretaries are responsible for scheduling appointments, arranging referrals, organising and filing paperwork, and updating databases. Additionally, a career as a medical secretary can be very rewarding, [...]

How to become a great Medical Administrative Assistant!

A medical administrative assistant is a great career path for those who are interested in working in an office environment within the healthcare field. They play a key role in performing a variety of clerical tasks, as well as smoothing the business operations. Therefore, even though they aren't directly involved with patients, they are [...]

What is a Medical Receptionist?

A medical receptionist plays a crucial role in the healthcare facility they work in. They are the face of the company and are often the first point of contact for patients and visitors. Additionally, medical receptionists are important in the coordination of the day-to-day operations. They are responsible for scheduling appointments, answering patient enquiries, [...]