Quiz: Which Career Path is Right for Me?

Deciding on your potential career path is one of life's toughest decisions. Choosing the right career can bring you happiness and success, whereas the wrong choice may result in years of heartache. With so many options available, take TalentMed's short aptitude test to see which career path within its scope of expertise that might be the [...]

Cost Savings Calculator

Everything in life has a price, even work itself. Simple things like commuting to and from work, a cup of coffee and daily lunch can all add up. The decision to work from home means that you can avoid the unnecessary costs associated with working in an office. Use TalentMed’s Savings Calculator below, to [...]

Video – Becoming a Practice Manager AND Medical Transcriptionist

Introducing Australia's first Dual Diploma of Practice Management and Healthcare Documentation. With the healthcare industry projecting an impressive jobs growth rate of 16.4% over the next 5 years* , the highest of any other sector in Australia, there has never been a better time to become qualified as both a Practice Manager and Healthcare Documentation [...]