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6 Online Transcription Jobs in the Highest Demand [2019]

Online transcription jobs are the perfect career path to take if you're looking for flexibility and the option to work from home with the one third of Australians! This highly specialised field, involves the conversion of an audio file into a written document. In fact, online transcription jobs are across many different industries, therefore, [...]

10 Things Students Look for in a Medical Reception Course [2019 Guide]

When deciding on a medical reception course, there are many things you need to consider, as there are so many different courses out there! However, when you are investing in your career, it's important that you choose a medical reception course that meets your needs and provides you with the best possible outcome. To [...]

Why a Clinical Coder is the Perfect Career Choice in 2019

A Clinical Coder is a very important role in our healthcare industry. In fact, a career as a Clinical Coder is a great avenue to lead into from being a Medical Transcriptionist! These two roles go hand-in-hand. A Clinical Coder is responsible for analysing the patient's medical record, which includes reports and letters transcribed by the [...]