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Academic Partnerships

TalentMed’s nationally-recognised, industry-endorsed training can be offered through your institution to train students in one of the fastest growing industries. This includes training professionals as:

  • Healthcare Documentation Specialists
  • Medical Practice Managers
  • Dental Practice Managers
  • Chiropractic | Physiotherapy | Orthopaedics Practice Managers
  • Medical Language Specialists
  • Medical Transcriptionists
  • Medical Transcription Editors

TalentMed’s nationally accredited training package includes both medical theory and practical training. These expert-designed curriculums will best prepare students for a smooth and successful transition to the workforce once they graduate.

TalentMed provides students with:

  • Nationally Recognised Training that is specifically designed to help make students work-ready upon course completion.
  • Flexible online learning available entirely online, with the freedom to study anywhere in the world at a pace that matches the student’s learning style.
  • Real-world job skills and experience in addition to practising job skills in simulated workplace environments, students also learn foundational material such as industry language and terminology as well as business skills such as productivity and working within a deadline.

International Academic Partnerships

We’re always on the look out for new and exciting partnerships.  Please contact us today to request a free demonstration. We would love to hear from you!

How do I find out more?

For more information on TalentMed’s academic partnerships, please request information today, email us at or call +613 9937 1599.

Business Partnerships

At TalentMed, we offer business solutions that build your business, providing your employees with access to high quality education and the necessary skills to achieve their professional goals.

Our nationally accredited, industry-endorsed training is designed by professionals with years of working experience to promote growth and productivity.  TalentMed provides the opportunity for your business to develop employees and further enhance their skills.

Our courses are specifically designed to help provide your team members with the professional guidance, education and skills needed to succeed. You can expect: 

  • Increased Productivity And Capability
  • Increased Staff Retention
  • Reduced Recruitment Costs
  • Strengthened Bottom Line

Course Delivery

TalentMed’s training and assessment is delivered online, providing flexibility around work schedules. Your employees can choose when they study and at a pace that matches their learning style.

Dedicated Support

TalentMed’s training is supported by a dedicated team of qualified trainers as well as student and technical support advisers. You can contact them via phone or email to assist your staff throughout their studies.

How do I find out more?

For more information on becoming a TalentMed business partner, please request information today or call 1300 737 781.

Recruitment Partnerships

Are you looking for new candidates to strengthen your business?

Recruiting TalentMed graduates offers you the opportunity to quickly and easily find high-quality staff for your business.

Whatever your hiring needs, TalentMed can help you reduce recruitment and turnover costs by offering you access to our high-quality graduates free of charge.

TalentMed graduates are prepared with:

  • Nationally Recognised Training that is specifically designed to help make our graduates work-ready upon course completion.
  • Real-world job skills and experience in addition to practicing job skills in simulated workplace environments, TalentMed graduates also learn foundational material such as industry language and terminology as well as business skills such as productivity and working within a deadline.
  • Employer-requested skills by TalentMed maintaining relationships with industry employers so that we can ensure graduates are gaining the right skills you’re looking for.

TalentMed offers a simple recruiting process:

  • Provide company details and hiring specifics – Fill out a quick company profile and provide information on the type of professionals you’re looking for.
  • Let TalentMed spread the word – TalentMed Graduate Advisers will send information to suitable graduates who meet your requirements, letting them know you’re hiring.
  • Hire the best – Interested graduates complete your standard application process, providing you with a much larger applicant pool to hire from.

Dedicated TalentMed Graduate Advisers walk you through this process step-by-step making it easy to quickly find the applicants you’re looking for—and will stay in contact with you to ensure your hiring needs are met.

Companies of all sizes from across Australia recruit and hire TalentMed graduates. Request information today or click on the Getting Started tab to find out more. Partner with TalentMed today to quickly find the best candidates for your business.

How Do I Partner With TalentMed?

TalentMed has been training quality healthcare professionals since 2007, and the organisation’s nationally recognised and career-focused training produces graduates who are uniquely prepared to start working in their field of study.

To get started, simply request information today and one of our Partner Advisers will contact you for a free consultation. Alternatively, please contact us at:

TalentMed Partnerships
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Thank you for the wonderful graduates you have supplied. I have to say that out of all the candidates that have tested for me, including the ones I have employed, TalentMed graduates have been of the highest standard. Thank you!

Sue Jonge, Recruitment Partner